The Realisation Group

The Realisation Group, a specialist in Fintech marketing who monetized through bookings on Eventbrght.  They were already running an advertising campaign and looking to run some more but were not sure how the stats behind their campaign translate in ROI.  We used analytics before increasing their already existing campaigns through better content, value proposition and immediate results via PPC and longer lead strategy for registrations on eventbrite for their events. Also, we implemented a client side tracking system so we can track hosted content on their client websites in one place. This helped in collating analytics data together in one place and therefore focusing on the development of reach, and measuring their  creating a content marketing programme, which a normal configuration of Google Analytics elements would not suffice. 

The result was a better understanding of their analytics, which in turn increased their margin of ROI and vastly improved customer relationships. We also trained their email marketing staff member to be able to manage their reporting on content that resulted in conversions or booking for events for their clients much better.