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Training brief

Before we plan your training session, we have lots of questions to ask!

1.Tell us about your business!

What do you do, how large is the company, where are you based?

2.What are your business goals?

And how will this training help you achieve them?

3.What training do you need?

What topics should we cover? Is it a one-off session or a whole series of workshops?

4.How many people will be in the session?

And what is their level of experience in this topic?

5.What sparked the decision to get training?

Are there any particular challenges you are looking to overcome?

6.What marketing activities do you have coming up?

Any events or product launches planned? We can build relevant activities into the session

7.Who are your competitors?

And what do you make of their marketing?

8.Ones to watch

Who does digital marketing well in your opinion - or badly?! What makes you think this?

9.Where and when would the training take place?

Anything we need to know about parking or finding the venue?

10.Tell us about the tech!

Do you have a whiteboard, projector and screen? Is the connection HDMI or VGA?

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