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Podcast brief

Please tell us as much as you can about the podcast project.

1.Tell us about your business!

What do you do, how large is the company, where are you based, who are your typical customers?

2.Tell us about the podcast

When did it launch, what’s the topic, typical duration, format, and is it a series? Who is your typical listener or target audience?

3. Where do we find the podcast?

Please share links to the platforms where it is hosted and any web presence.

4.What are your particular challenges with the podcast?

Editing, promotion, content planning…how can we help?

5.For editing – please give us more information

Tell us about the editing support you need. How much raw material would we start with, how much guidance can you give us with the edit? What is the sign-off process?

6.For promotion – please give us more information

Do you already have active marketing around the podcast or would we be starting from scratch? Do you have any budget for paid promotion? How big are your existing social media communities? Which channels do you have in mind?

7.Promotion and your resources

Would you like us to create and publish the promotional content? Will we be able to map this out in advance or would you like us to be reactive too and post throughout the series? Do you already have a strategy in place for us to work with?

8.What are the timeframes? What is the sign-off process?

9.What budget are you working with?

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