Its important for us that you know everything we can do and how we want to exceed your expectations. We have put together some common questions about how projects are planned, executed and completed in relation to our services.

Getting started

Will digital marketing help my business?

In short, yes! - we are living in a digital era. Hundreds & thousands of people will be looking online for what you offer everyday using things like Google, social media and more. If you are not getting in front of these people you will be leaving a lot of business out on the table that your competitors might be taking advantage of.

What makes you different?

We are a small hands on team of elite expert digital marketers that focus on great results and building long lasting client relationships. We work with a handful of selected clients and we are structured slightly differently from most agencies - we dont waste billing time and are straight to the point with our recommendations in a quote and only work with clients who are willing to grow.

Will you actually get me results?

In most digital agencies, marketers and account managers are often stretched across a lots of different client accounts with account managers that usually don't action or really dive into the campaign work but act more as a communicator between clients. Often it can be hard to even get on a call with the person you need and your project is split across lots of junior staff members with little experience. We are different We only take on clients who want to invest and be treated as such.

Are you the right company for me?

We work transparently to the point that we choose clients that want to invest over 3-6 months and see what we are doing adn why

Sorry I'm a new to all of this what exactly is digital marketing?

Digital marketing utilizes internet and online based marketing techniques on mobile phones, desktops and other platforms to promote services and products. Some example digital marketing strategies are - Search Engine Optimization, Paid Ads, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Web Design & App Promotion. Digital marketing is constantly growing because more and more people are using things like mobile devices to find services and products each day.

What type of digital marketing do you focus on?

We mainly focus on optimist ion of inbound marketing techniques such as SEO, paid ads, social media and content marketing. We help you find people looking for exactly what you offer (even if they don't know it yet) and build systems and campaigns to generate regular streams of new customers for your business each month.

Enganging with us

How do I pay?

We have a weekly billing cycle and produce Toggl reports which breask down where we have what activities we have been working on, the time taken, and the rate charged. We send you via email an invoice and breakdown of spend along with any reports of ROI

What do I need to do?

We want to engage with you and understand your values, proposition

How do you access my advertising accounts?

We request admin access via the agency accounts we run

How can I get started?

Book in a free strategy call with our lead marketer, in this call Phil will run through with you exactly how to grow and scale your business with digital marketing. We will audit your website and online presence beforehand to provide some awesome insights via a recorded video. Alternatively, if your shy then request a video audit and we can send you one over. After you've seen the potential out there and understand what work and strategies, we can implement we can discuss a fair monthly retainer and contract that you are happy with.

The money

How much will my ad spend be?

This depends on your market and budget, don't worry we take care of it all and ensure you spend and get return.

Why do you bill out weekly?

Everyones tech stack, market, and requirements are different. We want you to see what we do and allow you to benchmark the returns, and also enable easier investment for those who dont have large cash asset.

Will you increase my spend?

Only if we have to, and when we have tested we are getting the most we can from your current spend. We monitor closely conversion reports to tell which campaigns work well and are generating calls, clicks, and form completions on your site.