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Video brief

Please tell us as much as you can about the video project.

1.Tell us about your business!

What do you do, how large is the company, where are you based, who are your customers?

2.What is the purpose of the video?

To create an impact? To convert leads into sales? To give an insight into your company?

3.Tell us about the target audience

Are they existing and potential customers, investors, donors, funders, male or female, old or young or in different parts of the world...

4.Do you have any similar videos in mind?

Please paste links to videos that you like

5.What's the duration?

Shorter videos of 1-2 minutes are more likely to be viewed, but longer content can be just as engaging, depending on your goal and platform

6.What are the timeframes? What is the sign-off process?

7.What budget are you working with?

8.I need more room to explain my budget...

9.Do you have a plan for promotion?

We can also offer strategic support

10.Where will it be hosted?

Will the video be on your website, optimised for mobile, on your social media channels? On YouTube, Vimeo or a different platform?

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