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Design brief

Please fill in the form below with everything we need to know about your design project.

1.Tell us about your business!

What do you do, how large is the company, where are you based, who are your customers?

2. What are your business goals?

3.How would you describe your business personality?

4.Tell us about the project and the design elements you need

How and where will they be used? For print, social media, presentation or...?

5. Why now?

What prompted you to address this challenge?

6.Who is the target audience?

7.Please tell us the design specifics

What formats are needed? What are the dimensions?

8.Do you have brand guidelines we should follow?

Please tell us existing guidance on fonts, colour palette, placement of logo

9.What are the timeframes? What is the sign-off process?

10.Do you have any ideas in mind for the design?

Tell us in your own words how you want it to look. Or if there's anything we should avoid!

11.Anything else that's useful for us to know?

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